As a member of prominent local living history society, Anmod Dracan, I have decades of experience presenting history to local schools, museums and libraries.
I can offer you five exciting workshops to enhance the key stage 2 curriculum.

Focusing on everyday life and it’s place in the wider historical
perspective brings a unique insight into the lives of our ancestors, giving pupils a more “hands on” relationship with history. Myths and legends, combined with historical anecdotes add greater depth.

Each performance lasts approximately two hours, but is flexible enough to fit into a normal school timetable. Costumes, role-play, discussion, artefact handling and storytelling, as well as humour, bring the experience alive.

Thousands of children and teachers across the North-East have enjoyed this experience for many years, so don’t be left out!
Questions are encouraged, and the experience can easily be extended into the classroom.


2 Responses to About

  1. Noshin Mushtaq says:


    I ama Year 5 teacher at Carlton Junior & Infant, Batley Carr. I was wandering if you deliver any workshops as a character fromthe Ancient Greek period?


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